Daryl Harris
Darryl Harris

Hapkido | Women's Self Defence

Darryl Harris

I started hapkido when I was 13. I trained under Tony Catalano in Sin Moo Hapkido under Grand Master Ji Han Jae. Since then I’ve trained in a few different styles – taekwondo, jeetkundo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu but, Hapkido is my passion and I always kept coming back to it. 

Wanting to teach and share my knowledge I started on my journey with the Australian Hapkido Association. With over 20 years experience, I now run kids and adult classes as well as the Women’s Defence courses and seminars. Teaching martial arts and self defence is my passion, I love the confidence it gives people knowing that they will be able to protect themselves in almost any situation. 


  • Black Belt Hapkido Head Instructor
  • Australian Hapkido Association Representative
  • Personal Trainer – Cert III and IV in Fitness
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • Cert II in Security and Crowd Control
  • Cert III in Personal Protection – Bodyguard