Beach Wrestling

Hello 2022

Happy new year, RDA fam! There is something special about starting a new year- with a sense of renewal, of starting over, anticipation and best of all, new goals to set and smash!

2021's Achievement Recap

To inspire you in setting your own martial arts goals (if you haven’t done so), here is a recap of milestone achievements by some of our members and instructors in 2021:

Jon Stonehouse- Black belt
Scott Carpenter- Black belt
Kane Stone- Purple belt

Darryl Harris- 3rd Dan
Rocco Mazzone- Black belt
Brock Mitchell- Junior black belt

Guro Rod Hutchins- 4th Dan
Tammy Hutchins-Blue belt
Scott Elliot- Orange
Tammy and Scott’s achievement are significant due to their long hiatus and change in Kali systems.

Daniel Jaksic- 3rd Dan
Rod Hutchins- 3rd Dan

Yes, these are milestone achievements, however, not all goals have to be HUGE or associated with graduation. They can be other important goals such as committing to training twice per week consistently; acquiring a new skill or technique or gaining the same fluidity and confidence of a skill or technique on your ‘gumby’ side (aka, the side you NEVER work on).

We asked some of our awesome RDA coaches for their advice on training and here are some of the pearls of wisdom they had to offer:

Professor Jon Stonehouse
Professor Jon Stonehouse
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Perseverance pays off. You might feel you are getting nowhere with your training…this can go on for weeks, sometimes even months. Then, all of a sudden, all those hard training sessions pay off and everything comes together.
Professor Kyle Skiba
Professor Kyle Skiba
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Look after your body and invest time and energy into maximising its performance.
Instructor Min Westbrook
Instructor Min Westbrook
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Home in on the basics. It is tempting to skim and rush through the fundamentals to get to the showy stuff.
RDA Director and Coach Kane Stone
RDA Director and Coach Kane Stone
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There is no losing, only learning [in] martial’s not a straight line and you’re guaranteed to have setbacks…so, embrace the suck and focus on learning!
RDA Director and Instructor Darryl Harris
RDA Director and Instructor Darryl Harris
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Know from the outset that the road is long; concepts and meaning will always evolve.
Coach Z
Coach Z
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Be realistic. Don’t tell anyone your goals, just do it.
Instructor Rod Hutchins
Instructor Rod Hutchins
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The glory is in the grind- you are how you train and you only get back what you put in.

If you’d like help with setting up your goals for 2022, please speak with your coaches or email us at [email protected]– sometimes to get clarity, all you need is a willing sounding board!

King of the Beach: BJJ Beach Wrestle

What a perfect time for a sandy wrestle! We seemed to have stepped into a real example of what gladiator training could have been like! 

Set at Coogee Beach with white sandy beach, blue skies and cool water. It was such a hit with the BJJ members there was talks about doing another session…perhaps a full RDA beach training session?! Keep an eye out for this! 

For those of the pride who missed out on this epic day, check out the photos below! 

Lil Ninjas Hapkido First Grading

Lil Ninjas Hapkido hit the ground running with their first ever combined tip testing and grading for 2022. Please see our post on Hapkido tip testing and grading process for more information. Congratulations to the Lil Ninjas who achieved their White-yellow belts this month!

Sun’s out Muay Thai Guns Out

What’s better than Muay Thai training? Nothing. But throw in a beach setting with warm sunshine and cool water- BONUS!

This epic day started with a beach job, shadow boxing and walking knees to warm up before the Muay Thai Queen, Teneille Chouwdhurie turned up the heat with 5 x 2 pad rounds with sand dune sprints between rounds followed by clinching work in the ocean! 

Never Goodbye

It’s always bittersweet when instructors step back from teaching. Bitter because we will miss them- their style, their expertise and passion, but sweet as we are bubbling with anticipation regarding their new endeavours. It is bigger when they are our Head Kali intructor, gym manager and all-round go to; and Lil Ninjas and kids program instructor for BJJ and Hapkido, Emily Koziniec.

Guro Rod Hutchins has decided to answer the call of immense opportunity and will formally finish up teaching at RDA on 28 January 2022. Most, if not all members and instructors have interacted with Rod and will agree that his passion for martial arts is infectious! He has kept this place ship-shaped with all the running around behind the scene (like a true ninja). Please join us in thanking Rod for his dedication and hard work. I’m sure we will see his familiar face from time to time as he pops in for events, consulting and assisting in classes.

Emily, a newly minted Year 12 graduate is starting her apprenticeship as a heavy diesel mechanic and will be stepping back from teaching. Her experience and expertise in the kids program was invaluable. If your child was in the Lil ninjas or kids programs, chances are she had a hand in teaching your child. Once Emily settles into her apprenticeship, we hope to see her on the mat (sooner rather than later)!

We wish both Rod and Emily well and as said earlier, it’s never goodbye, it’s a ‘see ya later’.

Upcoming Events

2022 is shaping up to be an eventful year! Here at RDA, we encourage members to show up for each other, so, if you are able to make it to an event or two, please come along! All our events can be found on our Facebook page, please indicate that you are “going” so that we can account for numbers, even if you are taking up the role of spectator (aka cheer squad).