RDA News May ’22


Ashley Williams is in the den!

The jits journey is as unique as each individual, but when someone is the European No-Gi IBJJF champion, ranked 10th 145 No-Gi male grappler on Flograppling, the Polaris Professional Three weight champion, and the ADCC European trials winner, it is safe to say, we want to know some of his tricks. Lucky for us Ashley Williams is holding a No-Gi Seminar here at RDA on 11 June from 10 am. We get 2 hours to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Click on the link- Ashley Williams- NoGi Seminar – Investment $80

BJJ Competitions

H.U.N.G.R.Y. The only way to describe our members who competed this month! We had multiple members compete and they put up one hell of a fight and clinched placings on the podium too! Well done to all, we are so proud! If you are wondering about competing, have a chat with your coaches. Onwards and upwards, oss!

1st May - Grappling Super Fights - White Belt Elimination Tournament

Andrew Newlan
Andrew Newlan

15th May - White Belt Submission Grappling Tournament

Andrew Slee BJJ Competition
Andrew Slee - Gold - Gi
Andrew Newlan - Silver - Gi
Mitch Sonter

ABJJC Kids Open 22 May 2022

Due to ‘Rona, RDA kids have also had a delayed start to their competition campaign. This competition is the first one that the kids attended, and let’s just say, they SHOWED UP! 

Our young competitors did us, and more importantly themselves proud with intense pressure on their opponents and seeing their efforts pay off clinching wins! Setting the record straight, we do want to see our members win in their bouts, but what is most important here is that they show up, and put their heart and soul on the mats, giving it their all. So, If you are contemplating competing, speak to your coaches! Without further ado, here are some snaps from the fine Sunday of May!

Competition Manager - Remi

Full list of our Young Competitors

Logan Hau
Bridey Taylor
Falen Young
Sebastian Young
Mason Dickson
Max Single
Ethan Grizia
Lucas Afonso
Riley O’Meara
Teddy Kendall

Cool Azul

Massive congratulations to Jack Connelly on earning his blue belt. Jack was awarded his blue belt by Professor Scott.

From left Scott Carpenter, Jack Connelly and Kane Stone


Coach Zobiah (Z) took one of his aspiring boxing competitors, Matt, to another gym for an interclub sparring session. Mat had the opportunity to spar with a couple of the boxers there. As this was Matt’s first interclub session, the aim was to have “100% speed, 10% power”- focusing on the agility and accuracy aspect.

Boxing sparring
Mat Dubost

Matt did well despite feeling nervous. Coach Z commented, “Once he had the first punch to the face, all of that goes away and he started to let his hands go.” Coach Z told the boxers of the host club to hold nothing back, “…let him know whose house it is”. The boxers that Matt sparred with had more experience than he did and instead of curling into a ball and being picked apart, Matt was toe to toe with them and kept the pace with them throughout.

Coach Z is planning on bringing Matt back to the club along with another aspiring boxer, Bailey for another interclub session. Once these guys get the hang of this, Coach Z is planning on getting them into a proper interclub fight, where multiple clubs come together, and boxers get matched up to go 3 rounds or more. So stay tuned for this, RDA members may be able to head down to support!

Muay Thai

Train with Roy Wills

We are pleased to host Muay Thai legend, Roy Wills, head coach of The Thaiboxing Pit. Roy, an ex-Muay Thai fighter, will be covering technique, sparring and clinching frills and drills on pads. If you want to learn from one of Perth’s best, this is a seminar that is not to be missed! 11th June 2022 starting at 8, this seminar goes for 2 hours! Investment- $50. Spots- limited, knowledge- priceless. Click on the link to book. Roy Wills- Muay Thai Seminar


Congratulations to Wrestling head coach, Tom Barns and BJJ head coach, Professor Kyle Skiba for clinching gold and bronze respectively at the Wrestling Australia Nationals!

Tom Barnes wrestling coach
Wrestling Head Coach - Tom Barnes
BJJ Coach Kyle Skiba
BJJ Head Coach - Professor Kyle Skiba

Women's Self Defence

This month, we’ve introduced positional training to the ladies and they love it! Positional training involved working on a particular technique in a round-robin style, which allows for all the women to work with each other.

Our women’s self-defence classes are catered for all women. No experience is required to be a part of this team of amazing women who train together. So what are you waiting for? Go solo or grab your girlfriends, mums, sisters, cousins, and work colleagues and come down to train with us on Saturdays at 9 am. For more information, contact us!

Level Up with Specialists

The calibre of our coaches is second to none. Biases aside, we are incredibly lucky to have amazing humans as part of our coaching dream team. What to work with them to level up our martial arts, or perhaps you’re just starting, and what to lay a solid foundation? Some of our coaches, like T and Z offer privates covering skills for a specific discipline, strength, and/or conditioning. See below for availability!

Coach Teneille

Boasting over a decade of Muay Thai experience and 2 epic years of coaching, T is the one you want if you’re in the market for a coach with Muay Thai, mobility, strength, and conditioning experience. PT sessions are tailored to your goals. Work on your Muay Thai techniques from stance, guard, correct techniques for all strikes, and learn to hold pads as well. T has some available spots on Monday and Wednesday Mornings, get in quick as her sessions are booked out fast. Contact T on Instagram @solacefitnessculture or via RDA admin.

Coach Zobiah

there was one word to describe Z’s style of coaching, it would be ‘innovative’. The resident master of silly games, expect a belly full of laughs…that is if you can catch your breath after the session! Z is RDA’s boxing extraordinaire and his passion for boxing extends beyond the technical and physical aspects. For Z, the mental and self-concept aspects are just as important. Boxing can lower your stress levels and build confidence. Z’s PT sessions are centred around boxing and be prepared for some of his drills designed to help you sharpen those skills and keep your heart rate up! Z has some morning and afternoon availability during the week (Monday to Friday). Contact Z directly on Instagram @caoch_zboxing or via RDA admin

Students of the Month

Students of the month are awarded to RDA’s young members to recognise their efforts and participation in class. These students display the kind of behaviour we want to foster within the kids’ programs- tenacity towards pursuing their individual goals, being present and engaging in class, and supporting their peers when learning something new. Congratulations to the following students:

Lil Ninjas BJJ- Maiko Goodrick
Lil Ninjas Hapkido- Noah Westbrook
Kids BJJ- Leonardo Egan
Kids Hapkido- Katara Sampson

Upcoming Events

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WA State Gi Championship 2022


Hapkido State Grading Day


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BJJ Competition- SGT



BJJ Competition- SGT State Championships