Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced Thai Gloves



The Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced line is designed to surpass professional athletes’ and Combat Sports competitions requirements.

Do not just practice, perform.

The Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced Thai Boxing Gloves benefit from flexible short cuffs for a stretchy and supportive fit.

During Muay Thai clinch or leg grab, their flexible cuffs follow the natural motion of your hand/wrist articulation for more flexibility, rapidity and comfort.

Designed with compressed foam, those Bad Boy Thai Boxing Gloves ensure the protection you need during competition or workouts.

Their multi-layers´ construction absorbs shock impacts and reduces significantly the vibrations generated, for total protection round after round, sparring after sparring.

The Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced Thai Boxing Gloves feature a breathable lining to ease sweat evacuation and keep your gear fresh, far away from moisture damages.

The mesh panel and micro-perforations deliver an improved thermal heat management for unspotted fighting sensation when intensity rises.