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RDA News July ’22

The general consensus is that the further you are into your martial arts journey (in any discipline) the more challenging it gets. Expectations are higher, skills are more complex, lessons learnt deliver more sting, and the ebbs and flow of learning appear to be downward more frequently and are steeper than the tower of terror’s drop. In this month’s edition, we are pleased to roar about our members’ promotions!


A Long Time Coming for Big Ryan

Ryan Burger, aka Big Ryan, knows first-hand the fight towards honing his skills. A long-time BJJ (no-gi) practitioner and after 8.5 years, Ryan’s efforts were recognised this month and he was awarded his brown belt by BJJ No-gi coach, Jeff Cameron. Our brown belt party in the evening’s no-gi class was a vibe!

"On this special evening the Roar Team had the pleasure to grade Ryan to Brown belt after a four-year stint on purple belt. Professor Kyle and I were both part of his grading to purple, so it was a great honour for us to promote him to Brown. Ryan has always been an absolute beast in No Gi but he worked very hard over the past few years at Roar with Professor Kyle to get his Gi skills up to standard too. It was such an awesome night made extra special by everyone who came along to support him. Special guest Leigh Burger (Owner/Professor of Grappling Technics) joined us, so Ryan finally got to roll his Black Belt cousin. We also had guests Ricky and Nikki Krstic from Amma. Overall, it was an amazing night with so much support from the RDA and BJJ community. Congratulations Ryan Burger on your well-deserved Brown belt."

Professor Jeff

A Comeback for Cam

Serious injuries can set you back, but it can make the desire to fight stronger- as with Cameron Drewaz. Cam had an ACL injury that required a reconstruction, which effectively meant that he had to hang up his gi for over a year. With the desire to earn his Azul (Blue) belt, Cam focused on his rehab and came back to BJJ stronger and more resilient. His dedication and hard work paid off! Congratulations, Cameron, on catching blue!

WA State Gi: Results

RDA members are certainly a competitive bunch! For one of the biggest events in the BJJ competition calendar, THE LION PRIDE TURNED IT UP! Many of our competitors brought home some metal:

  • Logan Hau- Bronze
  • Kade Burger- Silver
  • Kane Stone- Silver
  • Ricky Hau- Silver
  • And Brydie Taylor and Alexis Quayle closed out their respective divisions and clinched gold.

Battleground Grappling Invitational 2

As the title suggests, this is by invitation only! Competitors are selected to participate in arguably Western Australia’s biggest grappling event! With elite athletes pitted against each other in 25 nail-biting matches and the highlight event between Louis Ryan and Devon Coetzee, it is certainly going to be a night! If you need a reason to head down to this event, we can give you four!

  1. One of our young competitors, Riley O’Meara has been invited to compete
  2. Our head coach, Professor Kyle Skiba will be referring
  3. RDA Director, Kane Stone will be the Mic’ed up and MC-ing this event!
  4. Our BJJ Queen, Johanna Skiba will be commentating

Day: Saturday
Date: 13 August 2022
Location: Dickinson Centre, Scotch College

Get your tickets here (Link opens Eventbrite) and support our RDA family!
Wear your RDA threads! We do still have some shirts available in the shop! Pick yours up now!

Adele Fornarino: Women’s Only Seminar at Scrappy MMA

This is an opportunity to learn from one of the best in the sport! Adele is preparing for Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) World Championships 2022. ADCC is essentially where the best of the best grapplers throw it down! We are incredibly lucky to have Adele in WA.
This is a No-gi seminar and there will be general rolling time after, so bring your gi if you like! This is a ticketed event with proceeds going to Adele to support her ADCC preparation and make a living out of the sport.

Day: Sunday
Date: 28 August 2022
Location: Scrappy MMA
Get your tickets here (Link opens Eventbrite) and support an amazing female athlete!

Submission Grappling Tournament: Competitors wanted!

Registrations for SGT are live! If you are thinking about competing, do not hesitate! Competing is a great learning tool to help you get better at your BJJ game! SGT runs both Gi and No-Gi on the same day with plenty of divisions to choose from. Look at our previous post on competing to help guide your preparation!

Day: Sunday
Date: 18 September 2022
Location: HBF Arena, Joondalup
Register here (Link opens Smoothcomp)
Spectators are most welcome and fees (usually $10) are payable on the day
Wear your RDA shirt and cheer on our RDA competitors!


Coach Zobiah “Z” has opened up a new class on Wednesdays at 6:35 pm. This 1hr class is specifically catered for RDA members who are serious about becoming competitive boxers and have sights on throwing it down in the ring.

Coach Z recognised that there are many RDA members who are interested in competing and would like more guidance on the process and technical aspects specific to competitions. Those who would like to be part of this class will need to have been attending the regular boxing classes, thus having a good foundation and understanding of the sport. Potential competitors will also need to speak with Coach Z as this class is by invite only. If you would like more information, please contact Admin at [email protected] or Coach Z via Instagram @coach_zboxing.

Boxing Competitors Class
New By-invite Competitors’ Class


Hapkido State Grading

This weekend was a great display of Hapkido at RDA. The Kids kicked it off on Saturday morning with their grading which produced three more Junior black belts:

  • Alexia Mazzone
  • Ruby Mazzone
  • Oriana Catalano

Amazing effort by all the kids, Master May was very impressed.

Hapkido State Grading

Backing up the kids’ performance, our adult Hapkido practitioners took to the mats after lunch. Being a smaller group than the usual grading, allowed each student to really shine under the spotlight.

Sunday was a very special day for Brandon Tandean, Korina Drogan, Rocco Mazzone and Darryl Harris who are our highest-ranking Hapkido practitioners. They demonstrated Hapkido at its finest and were promoted to the following grades:

  • Brandon Tandean 1st Dan black belt
  • Korina Drogan 1st Dan black belt
  • Rocco Mazzone 2nd Dan black belt
  • Darryl Harris 3rd Dan black belt

Thank you to family and friends for coming to support all our students and a special mention to Sam and Dan who came to support our new black belts by stepping on the mats and being thrown around. Additionally, thank you Jim Mailes who made the trip up from down south and as always, Grand Master Nigel May for backing our students and guiding us this far.

Congratulations and well done to all students and Hapkido Australia’s newest black belts.


Wrestling Tom Barns will be representing Australia in the Commonwealth Games 2022! Catch him in action on Saturday 6th August 2022 at 5:30pm (WA time).
Watch or stream it online on 7plus.

Tom Barnes
Catch Coach Tom in the Commonwealth Games

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Community News

We love the members we have in our club! Such as those who jump on board to help others and support others’ efforts to do some good in this world!

Jump Rope for Heart Update: Jump for joy!

Chase raised over $600 for the heat foundation! Thank you to those who supported Chase with this amazing cause.

Towards a cure for Mito

Our admin extraordinaire and fabulous gym mum is doing The Bloody Long Walk (Sunday, 18th September 2022). This is an effort to raise funds for research and future treatments- cures for Mitochondrial disease. Mito is a debilitating genetic disorder that can lead to multiple organ dysfunction and potentially death.

“I'm walking 35km in The Bloody Long Walk to help Australians living with mitochondrial disease. That’s 46,200 steps in one day! I know I’ll cross the finish line exhausted and blistered, but that’s nothing compared to what people with mitochondrial disease (mito) go through every day of their lives. Mito robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure. It can affect anyone at any age. Please sponsor my walk to fund research into desperately needed treatments and cures for this devastating disease. Every dollar will make a difference! My 35km walk will be bloody tough, but with your support, I know I can do it. THANK YOU!”


To support Alishia by donating and/or sharing her fundraising page, click here (link opens Alishia’s fundraising page). To learn more about mitochondrial disease, visit the mito foundation.

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