Muay Thai Seminar with Roy Mills

RDA News June ’22


Ashley Williams No-Gi Seminar

We had the pleasure of hosting Ashley Williams early this month and it is safe to say all participants walked away with valuable tips to level up their game. We spent close to 2 hours working on techniques with Ashley highlighting some small but highly effective biomechanical movements we should utilise.

Ashley also took time to answer some questions about balancing training, nutrition and competition mindset. From us here at RDA, we thank Ashley, his team and all those who attended the seminar. We look forward to the next opportunity to have him here again and are working towards inviting other high-levelled individuals to RDA. So, stay tuned!

No Gi BJJ Seminar with Ashley Williams

WA State Gi Championships 2022

One of the biggest competitions in WA is the WA State Gi Championships on the 3rd of July. We are excited to see many members (both kids and adults) register for this event. We wish all competitors the best and may your hard work during training pay off here!

Competitors for WA State Gi Championships:

If you are not competing and would like to come down to support RDA’s competitors, please come on down! (If you do have an RDA shirt, please wear that, if you haven’t got one, check out the RDA store, stocks are limited) 

Day and Date: Sunday, 3rd July

Herb Graham Recreation Centre, Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka

TBA- Most competitions usually run all day from about 9:30am

To check the schedule, please refer to the brackets on Smoothcomp (please note that brackets are usually released 24-48 hours before the competition commences. 

Please note that spectator fees are usually applicable and are approximately $10 for adults. By coming down to watch fellow RDA members, you also support the competition organisers! 

Competitors this Month

Big shoutout to our RDA BJJ crew who showed up and turned the heat up in the competitions this month. We also had one debut and one return to competition:

And last but not least, a huge shout out to Johanna Skiba who returned to high-level competition in the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) Oceania and Asian Worlds Trials in New South Wales. We are in awe of your courage and determination to be back on the mats after bub!

As always, if you are thinking about competing, speak to your coaches about it and also check out our article on comp prep! We highly recommend that competitors weigh within the week of the competition and register under the correct weight division. This is to ensure that all competitors are in the correct categories and are matched up with suitable opponents.

We do not recommend or want any competitors to lose weight for competition, especially for children. “Making weight” or “weight cutting” is not necessary nor is it appropriate for children. Please register them at their natural weight.


Coach Zobiah (Z)’s fight team has continued their training, including interclub sparring. Bailey attended his first interclub sparring session this month at Coach Z’s gym, Seconds Out. Coach Z is planning on inviting Seconds Out to RDA for an interclub sparring session. When you see them, be sure to make them feel welcomed! 

Boxing Interclub Sparring


Hapkido Passports

Grading is coming up (30th & 31st July 2022)- For this grading and beyond, Hapkido Australia requires all students to obtain Hapkido passports.

These passports mean that you will have a central record of all gradings and rankings obtained in one place. These passports are available at the front desk for $35.

Please note that a grading fee of $50 (both adults and Kids) still applies and is collected by RDA to be paid to Hapkido Australia. Hapkido Australia oversees the Hapkido Program at RDA and officiates the gradings.

Hapkido Passports

Updated Kids Grading Process

Effective 1st August 2022, Hapkido Australia has provided a new grading process as shown below. For more information on this, please contact Instructor Darryl Harris from Hapkido Australia at [email protected].

Hapkido Grading Process

Gongkwon Yusul Grading

First-ever grading for Gongkwon Yusul occurred this month. Congratulations to all students.

Muay Thai

Roy Mills Seminar

The incredible Roy Mills ran a fantastic seminar, we had many RDA members and friends from other gyms come down on Saturday morning to learn from one of Perth’s best Muay Thai fighters

Muay Thai Seminar with Roy Mills

Kids Muay Thai Classes

Kid’s Classes (+7yrs) with the Muay Thai Queen, Teneille, are finally here! Classes available will be on Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:30 pm. If you would like to book your child(ren) into a free trial class, please email [email protected]

Students of the Month

Level Up with Specialists

The calibre of our coaches is second to none. Biases aside, we are incredibly lucky to have technicalists as part of our coaching dream team. What to work with them to level up our martial arts, or perhaps you’re just starting out and what to lay a solid foundation? Some of our coaches, like T and Z offer privates covering skills for a specific discipline, strength and/or conditioning. See below for availability!

Coach Teneille

Boasting over a decade of Muay Thai experience and 2 epic years of coaching, T is the one you want if you’re in the market for a coach with Muay Thai, mobility, strength, and conditioning experience. PT sessions are tailored to your goals. Work on your Muay Thai techniques from stance, guard, correct techniques for all strikes, and learn to hold pads as well. T has some available spots on Monday and Wednesday Mornings, get in quick as her sessions are booked out fast. Contact T on Instagram @solacefitnessculture or via RDA admin.

Coach Zobiah

there was one word to describe Z’s style of coaching, it would be ‘innovative’. The resident master of silly games, expect a belly full of laughs…that is if you can catch your breath after the session! Z is RDA’s boxing extraordinaire and his passion for boxing extends beyond the technical and physical aspects. For Z, the mental and self-concept aspects are just as important. Boxing can lower your stress levels and build confidence. Z’s PT sessions are centred around boxing and be prepared for some of his drills designed to help you sharpen those skills and keep your heart rate up! Z has some morning and afternoon availability during the week (Monday to Friday). Contact Z directly on Instagram @caoch_zboxing or via RDA admin

Community Noticeboard

Alishia and her team have created a community noticeboard right at the entrance of RDA. This is where discipline-specific news will be put up, so you don’t miss a thing!

Notice board

This community board is not called a community board for no reason. This is also a space where members can share information and notices. Some appropriate news includes:

In order to include your notice on the board and the digital newsletter, please email Alishia at [email protected] with all the information (including graphics, RDA member-exclusive services/ prices, etc.). Alternatively, you may like to drop it in at the desk when you are in the club next.

Chase Jump Rope for Heart

To kick things off, Chase, one of our young multi-disciplinary practitioners is participating in the Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart in an effort to raise funds for the Heart Foundation.

The Heart Foundation is a significant part of Chase and his family’s life. At 3 days old, Chase underwent heart surgery to repair a coarctation of the aorta, this is a congenital birth defect whereby the aorta is narrower than normal. The Heart Foundation and Princess Margaret Hospital (now Perth Children’s Hospital) contributed to Chase’s start to life and he wants to give back. Back one of our lions and help him achieve this goal. Donate or share his fundraising page.

Fun fact about one of the most hard-working kids at RDA – he also models for Humble Fightwear where you can find quality gi’s and rashguards. Check out the RDA shop for RDA branded Humble Fightwear threads.

Chase Harding

Upcoming Events in July