Oceania Wrestling Team

RDA News March ’22

Getting to Guam: Cadbury Chocolate and Raffle Ticket Fundraiser

Massive congratulations to our Wrestling coach Tom Barns (far right) and head BJJ coach Kyle Skiba (far left) on being selected for the Oceania trials! To help these guys cover costs to get to Guam, we are selling Chocolates (just in time for Easter) and Raffle tickets. Please support these amazing athletes by purchasing or selling chocolates or raffle tickets. Contact [email protected] should you have any questions (pssst, donations are welcomed!)

“Shoutout to Roar management and our awesome members for the efforts in helping to fundraise for our efforts to get to the comm games and Guam, it’s hugely appreciated from the bottom of my heart.”– Kyle Skiba

RDA’s Wrestling crew are a technical bunch and love to break down and work on different techniques, as such, the crew’s working on Ismail Musukave’s sprint takedown.

Musukave’s unique takedown is explosive and lighting fast, which is also sometimes referred to as a sprinter or cheetah shot. To see what it looks like, check out Earn your Gold Medal’s video analysis of the Musukave’s sprint takedown below:

Merch Alert

What’s better than new threads? RDA threads!! We have just closed our first merchandise orders for 2022! Don’t worry if some of you unlucky ducks didn’t get in on this, we have ordered some extras and will have a limited supply on hand. If I were you, I’d get in quick!

Our next merch pre-order will be in a couple of months! Be on the lookout for more RDA branded items …*cough* rash guards…*cough*…shorts… dropping into our RDA Shop in the next coming months! 


The BJJ team has been on fire nailing triangle chokes from different positions. Most have shown mastery with this submission and we cannot wait to see our BJJ members execute these with confidence! Oss!

Ricky Hau’s Debut at Matshark’s In-house Competition

As the regular SGT competitions have been delayed until May, our friends at Matshark hosted an in-house competition in which Ricky debuted! Ricky had 2 exceptional matches and according to BJJ coach, Kane Stone, “Ricky had amazing top pressure and guard passing with several submission attempts across both matches!” Ricky gave it his all in his debut, he limped away due to a nasty ankle lock in the second match but had his head held high with everything he learnt in the comp. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Ricky!

Belt Promotion

A huge congratulation to Logan Hau for earning his grey belt in our Kids BJJ class. His focus and tenacity paid off! We are looking forward to seeing your growth in your Jits journey, Logan!


The Journey of Champions

It all starts with Coach Z and 3 guys- Mat, Tom and Bailey. These 3 young men have expressed to Coach Z that they would like to compete in the near future. This means it’s time to level up! Under the guidance of Coach Z, they completed a benchmark workout and will re-test again in 8 weeks. After every class, Mat, Tom and Bailey stay behind for strength and conditioning, sparring and additional partner drills. Fittingly, they also have aerobic conditioning at Champion Lakes. All we can say is- watch this space!

Boxing training

Muay Thai

All we are saying is that the Muay Thai gang’s on fire! Muay Thai Queen, Coach T has been getting RDA Muay Thai members working on their body kicks into teeps (push kicks). Coach T laid out the fundamentals and key phases in order to throw it effectively and defend them properly. Besides these explosive kicks, the Muay Thai gang is also working on generating more power into their knees.

Upcoming Events in April

5 and 7- Lil Ninjas (Hapkido) Tip testing and grading
26, 28 and 30- Hapkido Tip testing

Public Holidays:
15 to 18- Easter- No classes
25- ANZAC Day- No classes